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What is inner child healing?

What is inner child healing, and why do we do it?

When we experience trauma as a child, we are not emotionally or mentally mature enough to work through it, so it tends to get stored in the subconscious mind, the body, and the chakras, like a program running in the background on your computer. It permeates our lives through patterns that affect our relationships, self-care, work, finances, wellness, etc., in a rather passive-aggressive way until it gets noticed (when we are adults). We may become aware by going to therapy and making connections between our childhood and adult experience. Then we begin to heal and grow on the mental and emotional planes of our existence.

The beauty of energy healing is that it allows us to process on the level of mind, body, soul, and spirit. By using Reiki and other spirit guide assisted energy techniques, we can send healing through the chakras to the past, present, and future, (because on a quantum level, time is not linear). 

So we send love and healing to the inner child through the portals of the chakras which provides a deep sense of soul integration. The fragmented parts of our energy become restored and we begin to heal at all levels of our being. We feel more peace and acceptance.

This is what creates a shift, and transformation.

I always recommend energy healing when people are feeling stuck with a certain issue. This is where we can discover and release what is holding you back and set your soul free. We can make peace with the past, release trauma, and move forward renewed.

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