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What Can Be Expected of a Session:

We will begin the session by discussing the client’s intentions and affirming the healing practice / divination experience. I will provide insight as to where I think we can discover the cause of the issue and begin to scan your energetic field. You can dress comfortably and I will have you sit or lie on the table.  I work with my hands around your body to transfer the healing energy, but I generally do not touch the client.  This process is non-invasive.  I will not touch you without your permission.  However, because of the energy transmission, it may feel like I am touching you, or exerting a force, even when my hand is clearly not on your physical body. You may also feel temperature changes or tingling.  This is because the body’s auric/electromagnetic field extends outwards from the skin about arm’s length.  I use my hands to sense as well as move healing energy and light into the body’s 12 major energy centers, the chakras.  While this is occurring, I will share with you anything that I am sensing in the energy centers in regards to your issues.  This is an interactive session so I welcome you to share your thoughts with me.  This process may bring up memories or insights for you.  Often times people are very relaxed and receptive, other times, there is a lot of talking (and crying) as the healing is occurring and processed.  This collaborative experience enables deep work and break throughs.  Your feedback allows me to best direct the healing energy available to you.  If we decide to use a method which requires a shamanic journey, I will have you lay down while I perform the process to provide insight and healing.  Then, we will discuss and end the session with gratitude and grace.  Often, people are very relaxed afterwards, so I generally recommend allowing yourself time for rest, self-care, and reflection when you go home.

Within one week after your session, I will send one follow up email to see how you are doing.

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Energy work can support and complement medical treatments that you are undergoing. Energy healing is not a substitute for medical treatment. Nor is an energy healing consultation meant to be taken as medical advice. It is an alternative, elective, therapy. I am happy to work with individuals who are experiencing terminal or chronic illness to assist them on their healing journey.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

If possible, plan your treatment at a time during which you will not feel rushed or stressed. Dress comfortably. I advise that you avoid alcohol the day before, of, and after your treatment if possible. You may feel tired after your treatment (but not always). I recommend staying hydrated and you may be very hungry afterwards.

What is the cancellation policy?

24 hours please in order to receive a full refund. In the event that you test positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed, an exception will be made.

What is the Covid-19 policy?

As long as there is an indoor mask mandate in Chicago, masks will be required in Tribe and during sessions. Radiant health is our main priority! I am fully vaccinated and boosted. Further, Tribe has taken extensive measures to update the ventilation with UV light and keep the treatment rooms sanitized for every client. In addition, there is a HEPA filter running during the treatment. If you are feeling unwell, please let me know and we can reschedule your session. In turn, I would do the same. I take Covid-19 very seriously and am dedicated to stopping the spread of the virus.

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