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Gratitude, Sharing, &  Praise

Every soul's experience is so unique and special, read about it here! 

My energy healing session with Stephanie was helpful on so many levels.  The insights and intuition that she shared during the session helped put a lot of the challenges I’d been going thru in a much better perspective intellectually.  Her energy work itself gave me an immediate feeling of calm and clarity.  Then after the session when once again facing some very challenging issues in my life, I felt a powerful message from the session guiding me along.  It was as if energy shifts unblocked my own inner wisdom and cleared away the static that was keeping me from hearing it.  Stephanie is a very powerful and gifted healer.

-Rachel K.

My energy healing session with Stephanie was exactly what I needed as I was feeling somewhat stagnant in my decision making, my vision, my direction and next steps. I needed something to move me, and this was it. She guided me the entire time, letting me know what was coming up, what she was helping me release, and what techniques she was using to do that. At the end of the session, she also gave me some tips as to how to help the new energy within me become more embodied and a part of me. I left feeling so much lighter and her tips helped me make that feeling stick. If you’re at an edge, if you feel stuck in anyway, an energy healing session with Stephanie will do the trick to help you see the possibilities available to you and move forward in the most aligned way possible. 
-Christina G.

Stephanie is a very powerful healer.

-Aline D.

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