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Ready to raise your vibration?

Chakra & Shamanic Based Energy Healing Can:

-Give an overall energy boost or provide relaxation to improve the quality of everyday life or provide relief

-Assist with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, grief, weight loss

-Provide clarity in regards to life’s purpose, relationships, wellness, and choices

-Support trauma recovery

-Support addiction recovery

-Release old patterns and beliefs and download new ones 

-Introduce spirit guides and ancestral angels for lifelong assistance & guidance

-Facilitate ancestral healing and resolution of karmic contracts

-Provide past life insights as they relate to current life situations and ailments

-Release outgrown attachments and unwanted “holds” on your essence

-Accelerate & support shifts that are being made in life

-Help with intention setting and manifestation

-Support/complement medical treatments plans (but not replace!)


Chakra Healing & Balancing

The chakras are the key energy centers in the body, spinning wheels of light that radiate from deep inside of us and connect us to the quantum field, storing and processing data such as feelings, memories, biological functions, senses, and much more. When they are imbalanced, due to factors such as trauma, self-care, or health challenges, they can become blocked, which restricts our energy in the way we live our life. If you are feeling stuck, run down, discouraged, off in any way, a chakra clearing will provide clarity and restoration to help you move forward. Recommendations for continued support and maintenance of the chakras will be provided.

$100 for 1 hour.

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Deep Quantum Energy Healing

I work on the electromagnetic fields (aura) and energy centers (chakras) of the body.  Through the use of energy medicine, intuition (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, & clairsentience), chakra balancing, and shamanic healing techniques, we can explore current life issues (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational) within the context of your body’s energy centers as well as repeating life patterns (karmas). We can release old patterns and attachments that are no longer working, and replace them with new beliefs and energies that facilitate healing, growth, and transformation. After the healing is complete, we will discuss the experience and I will share guidance for embracing your new vibration. I recommend this option upon first visit; when one is in crisis; or anytime one needs address any sort of overwhelming life situation with extra attention and care. This is an opportunity for deep work.

$200 for 2 hours 

Distance Healing Session

While I strongly recommend that you visit me in person if you are local, I offer distance work over video call to reach my friends all over the world. Because we are all connected in the quantum field, energy transfer can happen without us being together physically in the same room. We can do a chakra balancing, deep quantum healing session, or intuitive consultation with card reading and divination. 

$80 for 1 hour, $125 for 1.5 hours, $180 for 2 hours

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30 Minute Card Reading/Divination Session

Looking for guidance, inspiration, activation, confirmation, or just a general boost? In this fun, express session, you may ask a question, and we will let the cards do the talking. I have multiple decks to choose from depending on your preferences. Power animals, moon themes, light activation, ascended masters, even spirit cats! Whatever strikes your fancy or my intuition tells me is best. You can add it on to your session or do over Zoom. 

$25 for 30 minutes

Aromatherapy /  Auric Spray Add-On

I use Aveda Chakra sprays during your in person treatment to integrate aromatherapy with the chakras that need it most!


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Please email to schedule. Online booking not currently available.