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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Poulos, Chakra Healing Practitioner

Hi! I’m Stephanie Poulos, the founder of Radiance. I am certified in the practice of Energy Medicine, a multi-disciplinary blend of alternative therapies (aka lightwork).


I have been studying various spiritual traditions since I was 17 years old. It all began when I picked up the book, The Celestine Prophecy, which alerted me to the power of synchronicity and interpersonal dramas. Next, I discovered the chakra system. Also at that time, I was having heightened experiences of the extraordinary healing power of music and dancing.  I began to read about Shamanism, Taoism, and also found Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain.  I immersed myself in these various spiritual philosophies as I collected crystals, studied mythology, learned to take shamanic journeys, and journaled in nature.

Over the years, I practiced martial arts, which was an initiation to mind/body exercise. This led me to yoga, and my master teacher, Shiva Rea. I have been practicing Prana Flow & Tantric Yoga for 16 years and I’m a certified instructor.  Here I learned to meditate and open my third eye, which is when awareness of my heightened intuition really began to grow. During this time, I also studied yoga philosophy and principles of Ayurveda, which introduced the concept of sheaths of consciousness to me.

After experiencing personal traumas, I began to do guided energy work on myself, meditating every day while also studying the concepts of emotions as energy (like Law of Attraction), in an attempt to heal and raise my vibration.  During this time, I easily dropped 20 pounds, which I believe was a result of clearing stuck energy. I consumed sources of information about the energetic body, delved back into Tantric studies, and danced my way across the country and down to Mexico in self-directed retreats utilizing music & yoga to guide a shift in my energetic body through movement. 

Stephanie Poulos, Chakra balancing practitioner

After years of conscious immersion in vibrational awareness; continued studies of the chakras; learning about Shamanic healing practices and Medicine Women; studying the Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, and other related disciplines; I was overflowing with psychic awareness and realized that I had a gift to share in the ability to move energy through my hands. It became clear to me that it was best to put it out into the world.


I was compelled to study with Cyndi Dale to complete her certificate in Energy Medicine after reading her books and discovering synchronistic opportunities to attend her trainings. Next, I studied Shamanic Journeying with Nicole Perez here in Chicago. I am also a Master Level Reiki practitioner. To me, everything connects through the chakra system. 


My purpose is to shine a light and help others live their best life and fulfill their potential. My intention is to utilize this gift to help others who want to heal and grow. I believe that healing is available to all, so long as the desire to heal is present. I am here to be a guide and objective supporter of where your energy needs to flow, and I offer intuitive consulting in regards to conscious lifestyle modifications and mindsets that my clients can adapt to support their healing.  I would love the honor to help you on your journey.

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