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Events with Radiance

 Setting Intentions for 2024

February 17, 2024

3-5pm, Tribe Healing Arts Studio, 1819 W. Belmont

$36 or bring a friend, 2 for $60

Feeling behind on new year's resolutions? Was January a month for you to rest and reboot? In this fun and inspiring workshop, we will take time to outline what we are calling into our lives and craft impactful intentions using the power and process of manifestation techniques. 

During this 2 hour experience, you will:

-Learn about how intention setting and manifestation works

-Be guided through an energy healing meditation to open your chakras, connect with your guides, and receive guidance and clarity 

-Write about all the things you desire, and constructively narrow down a list to the key drivers of your fulfillment

-Craft powerful intentions/resolutions 

-Release limiting beliefs that stand in your way

Join like minded souls in a powerful gathering to amplify and share the work you are doing. Even if you are experienced with this material, it's always good to refresh and reinforce everything you know. 

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