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In this potent meditation, you will receive guidance and clarity in regards to how to create an effective resolution for the new year or set an intention for manifestation at any time. Be sure to grab a pen and a journal or piece of paper before you begin, so that you have it handy at the end to jot down whatever came up. You may be surprised at what comes to mind! Be open, and know that you are being shown by your higher self the greatest path to your fulfillment. Feel free to repeat the meditation as often as needed to identify an intention that feels right for you. 


Some tips for writing an intention statement after the meditation:


-Write 1-3 sentences in the present tense stating what you want, and include how you will feel when it happens. For example, "I am so delighted and grateful that I received a promotion and a 10% raise! I knew I could do it and I'm excited about this new opportunity to grow in my career".


-Identify something that can be achieved within the next 6-12 months and will be clearly evident when it manifests. For example, "I feel so refreshed now that I am sleeping 8 hours a night" or "I'm so energized now that I have lost 10 pounds".


-Pick something that feels like a challenge, but achievable. Not so far out of reach that it feels like a fantasy. You have to believe you can have/be/do it. 


-Repeat the statement to yourself often, focus on it daily, and follow any intuitive nudges that you receive. Follow the breadcrumbs of inspiration that you receive and let them lead you forward. For example, if you want to sleep 8 hours a night and you feel curious about trying a new evening yoga class- do it. If you're trying to reach your sales goal at work and you feel inspired to start a book club- do it. 


-Have fun, believe in yourself, and don't give up!

Meditation for Setting Intentions

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