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Healing Arts

for Higher Vibrational Living

Radiance Energy Healing

Radiance Energy Healing is a multi-disciplinary blend of intuitive consulting; chakra and auric/energy field balancing; cord, intrusion, block, and attachment clearing; shamanic techniques such as connecting with spirit guides/power animals; past life and karmic clearing; and lifestyle transformation coaching.

Healing arts & lightwork for souls who wish to grow and evolve in consciousness.
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Candy Cotton

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Can:

  • Give an overall energy boost or provide relaxation to improve the quality of everyday life or provide relief

  • Assist with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, grief, weight loss, conception

  • Provide clarity in regards to life’s purpose, relationships, wellness, and choices

  • Support trauma recovery

  • Support addiction recovery

  • Release old patterns and beliefs and download new ones 

  • Introduce spirit guides and ancestral angels for lifelong assistance & guidance

  • Facilitate ancestral healing and resolution of karmic contracts

  • Provide past life insights as they relate to current life situations and ailments

  • Release outgrown attachments and unwanted “holds” on your essence

  • Accelerate & support shifts that are being made in life

  • Help with intention setting and manifestation

  • Support/complement medical treatments plans (but not replace!)

Benefits of Energy Healing

Over the course of a lifetime we all tend to have recurring patterns, situations, ailments, relationship dynamics, family issues, etc., which are persistent and stubborn no matter what we do.  Energy healing allows for a clearing, correction & repatterning of the deep seated, unconscious beliefs that we hold at the subconscious level of our energy fields that gave cause to the presenting issue.  Healing & reprogramming around the root cause facilitates shifts that can quickly restore balance in various facets of our lives. The beauty of this work is that it can quickly create “quantum leaps” in our lives when we feel stuck.


How it Works

I work on the electromagnetic biofields and energy centers of the body.  While the fields have been photographed and measured scientifically, they are not visible to the human eye because they vibrate at a speed that is faster than visible light. Through the use of intuition (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, & clairsentience), chakra balancing, and shamanic healing techniques, we can explore current life issues (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational) within the context of your body’s energy centers as well as repeating life patterns (karmas). We can release old patterns and attachments that are no longer working, and replace them with new beliefs and energies that facilitate healing, growth, and transformation. 

“I believe that healing is available to all when the desire and will are present.”

-Stephanie Poulos


Contact Me

Not sure what treatment is right for you? Questions about whether or not energy healing will help you? Just wanna say hi? Drop me a line here or subscribe below!

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