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How to trust in the messages you received during intuitive / channeled readings

Updated: May 24, 2023

These days, more and more people are seeking new sources of guidance through healers and lightworkers who can be classified as intuitives, shamans, Akashic readers, psychics, mediums, and those who channel. While those are all different words to describe the same thing, how do you know who to trust, and who is the real deal? Even if you are curious and want to have such an experience, it is normal for feelings of doubt and skepticism to surface. As you embark on your spiritual journey, here are some things to keep in mind.

First of all, when choosing a professional to work with, I recommend trusting your intuition and what led you to the person in the first place. Often, word of mouth is the first step as people who have had impactful experiences are often excited to share them and talk about how uncannily valid they were. In fact, some healers work on word of mouth alone and don't even have a website! But many do, so try to find out more about how they work and if it resonates with or intrigues you. Social media can be very helpful in feeling out their vibe. Again, I recommend letting your intuition, curiosity, and referrals guide you, because if you are ready for a certain experience and have an intention to heal, the universe is going to connect you to the right person.

So, once you decide to proceed, consider that your experience begins subconsciously when you book the appointment or event. Set an intention for what you hope to learn or how you wish to heal. Show up to your appointment in full faith with a positive, open attitude. It's okay if you don't want to disclose too much information, but understand that having an intention and explaining your focus and concerns helps the practitioner work more deeply on your behalf. Sometimes people like to "test the psychic" as I say, but we don't read your whole life story in one glance so it is to your advantage to let us know what direction you would like to go in. I have found that sometimes people are more guarded in the beginning, and as they tend to relax into their session, they become more open, and I am able to read and channel more clearly and deeply for them.

Regardless of how much you share with the practitioner, here are some things that I find always validate the reading.

-The information has personal meaning to you

-Any symbols, references, metaphors, or descriptions will have personally recognizable significance. For example, a spirit guide is described as looking like Rainbow Bright, and you loved her your whole life and still have your childhood doll. Or, a deceased family member comes through and their message is unmistakably in their turn of phrase. This is where it is very important for a skilled reader not to censor anything, because we don't understand the significance that it holds.

-What is revealed or seen tends to lead to a breakthrough, revelation, or healing experience.

-Often times you can reflect back and notice some foreshadowing that occurred in your life before the reading, or an obvious connection to a theme in your life. After the reading, you will notice and experience signs, realizations, synchronicity, events, shifts, life changes, developments, that trace back to the reading. This can occur within weeks and also be part of a longer cycle over a series of months or even years.

-Sometimes greater significance and resolution occurs long after the session, depending on your individual processing and integration. Especially with past life readings, our life may evolve in a way that changes a previous outcome through our current life experience. And vice versa. This is very common when working in the Akashic or quantum realm.

There are always "aha" moments when people make the connections, which is what makes it so fun! To a certain extent, you just have to try it to understand the experience, but as I always say, "you can't make this stuff up". I never know what is going to happen in a session and what comes through always blows my mind! If you are awakening in spiritual curiosity or seeking alternatives to your current healing path, I highly recommend that you explore the many beautiful modalities that exist for greater clarity, guidance, and growth in your life.

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