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On Narcissistic Abuse...

Today I’d like to address this topic which has been quite a hot topic lately. It is an issue that is near and dear to my heart, as I have weathered it in my own journey. I am sincerely grateful for the resources that I found at the time to help me find my way.

If you are recovering from a difficult break-up, or dealing with persistent dysfunctional patterns with a romantic partner, family member, co-worker, or friend, it is possible that you may be dealing

with a narcissistic or borderline personality.

While I do not rush to label anybody this way without thorough understanding of their presenting behaviors, knowledge is power. We don’t want to throw around the word narcissist carelessly, and I encourage you to carefully evaluate the signs and symptoms of these personality disorders before making a determination about someone you love. By educating yourself about the relationship dynamics that are symptomatic of these disorders, you may be able to recognize yourself in such patterns. This can be truly eye opening, and then you can begin to heal.

I cannot think of a more energetically disorienting relationship dynamic. A narcissist or borderline personality is unfortunately unable to be a source to themselves energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. So they have to feed, or draw energetic supply, from others. They create relationships skillfully that will provide juicy sustenance to them on regular basis at the expense of others. It’s so dangerous because it is subtle and loving at first, before it intensifies into persistent emotionally abusive patterns and ultimately becomes devastating. Some patterns that are common are love-bombing, triangulating, gaslighting, manipulation, intens

e jealousy, clinginess and control, sabotage, and the eventual "destroy & discard" phase.

While I could write many blogs on how to identify a narcissistic, borderline, or emotionally abusive partner, what I want to focus on today is how it affects your soul and how you can move forward.

The effects on various levels of your energy body are many, and most people require a long time to realign and recover- particularly because they are processing at a psychological level, but not receiving impactful healing at a soul level. This is why energy healing is tremendously impactful in your recovery. It allows us to clear energetic attachments that are keeping you stuck in the drama, holding you back from moving on, continuing to drain you through psychic attack. Through energy healing we can also heal and transform the deep seated patterns and wounds that unconsciously attracted us to these partners in the first place. By understanding that relationships are assignments for our own evolution, we can recognize this experience as an invitation to grow and transform. We reconnect to our higher self, heal our inner child, and stop giving our energy away. We can also rebalance the chakras to heal and reha

bilitate your entire being.

The greatest gift of the end of a relationship with a narcissistic or borderline personality is that you have the opportunity to heal and up-level yourself tremendously- it is a catalyst for life changing empowerment and transformation. I am living proof. I have been through it, done the work, and I have become the person I am meant to be because I was dedicated to my own healing- and I learned so much from it. In fact, I wish I would have received energy healing more often in the process than I actually did (which my therapist encouraged). I put a lot of emphasis on talk therapy, but the energetic work that I did helped me move forward in a way that psychotherapy did not. The beauty of energy healing is that it moves us forward quickly in a way that other modalities that work on the level of the mind cannot. We experience a quantum shift.

We can't ignore our soul and our energy body, because that is where the trauma gets stored. By clearing it, we become free.

If you think you are in or recovering from a relationship with a narcissist or borderline personality, please take care of YOU and feel free to contact me for a session when you are ready. I would be honored to help you begin your healing journey.

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