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A healing journey in Costa Rica

Here I am, pictured in Costa Rica, 10 years ago. This trip was a complete dream manifestation for me. The entire time, I was in a complete state of bliss and gratitude for all of the beauty around me. The energy there is so clear, so pure, my entire being was being completely upleveled. Everything about the trip was perfectly in flow.

I was surrounded by a wonderful group of souls at a high resonance and spent my time with many memorable people that I will always hold in my heart. One day, over lunch, we were discussing the healing service available and I was contemplating a shamanic healing session. Although I had taken interest in shamanism at a very young age, in this phase of my life I was a bit removed from that realm. However, I was feeling stuck in a recent trauma, wanting to move forward and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. So I asked my friend who recommended it, what is it like? She said, “the only way that I can describe it…it’s like someone is praying over you.”

So, I booked a session with an amazing woman and I will never forget the experience and how I felt afterwards. I had a thought that it would be amazing to be doing that kind of work one day but I didn’t see it in my immediate realm of possibility. Now 10 years later, here I am, with a grateful heart, empowered and educated to provide that experience for others in the way that I have received it.

Now that I practice this work myself, and I cannot find a better way to describe it.

It’s like someone is praying powerfully over you.

A lot of the alchemy in the process of energetic healing occurs because the healing practitioner is able to channel healing frequencies that are readily available but simply outside of the realm of consciousness of the recipient. This is because the person is too attached to their own issues, too close while they are going through them. So the healer holds the visions and calls in the prayers at a higher level than they can do for themselves. This is what creates the magical life shifts that follow. It only requires openness and a willing to heal on the part of the receiver.

Are you feeling stuck somehow? Maybe you need some energy healing!

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