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Exploring the May Energetic Forecast: Collective Themes and Vibrational Shifts

The month of May brings us a welcome refresh after the clunky Mercury Retrograde in April and the preceding eclipse season. If life has been feeling hard for you, you're not alone. There were a lot of intense astrological aspects palpable in the cosmic haze. However, the rising energy of spring and the influx of grounding and abundant Taurus season brings us a timely uplevel and renewal. If you are ready to start fresh and bloom like a spring flower, you are in good company.

One of the main energetic themes of May is that your inner light is growing. Your frequency or vibration is expanding. And you need to nurture this in whatever way works for you- no judgment here. Obviously substance abuse and addictive behavior is something to be mindful of, but if you find yourself cultivating new means of self-care, just go with it. It's important to take good care of yourself while you are evolving as an individual; as your energetic or "light body" is being activated, it can be a lot to keep up with. Your intuition may be enhanced, you may be experiencing great insights, or you may be working through karmas that require trust and moving through uncertainty with faith. Follow your instincts with trust and joy.

At the same time, ground through the body by connecting with the earth and nature, update your diet and eating habits for the season and your needs, do mind-body exercise to cultivate strength and calm while releasing stress. Don't be surprised if you get in better shape!

Abundance is a major theme while the sun is in Taurus and just collectively right now. Prepare to burst through blocks and receive more of what you want and need! This month is for material manifestation- not like Pisces or Aquarius season when we are downloading a lot through our higher chakras and in an esoteric state. Now we are bringing all of that down to earth into something tangible. And that brings abundance, new opportunity, new connections, etc. Pay attention to synchronicity!

Overall, this month, we are overcoming a lot of discomfort and rising from the ashes, moving forward!

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