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I am noticing in my healing work that many of my clients will have the same issues at the same time. In December, it was all family karma and deep ancestral healing. That began to merge into codependency for a few weeks. Now I am doing a lot of deep trauma release with my clients. I also notice that other lightworkers are experiencing similar themes. Here is what I am encountering...can you relate?

Releasing: of deep seated trauma, karmic or ancestral patterns, old beliefs and programs that have been disrupting our lives for a LONG time. Stepping into: new beliefs, new ways of being, our healing self in action, new potential. After releasing so much, we need to download new beliefs, new patterns, new programs, and start using them in our lives- whoa. I was experiencing this myself recently in a couple of different ways. 1. Recently I noticed a pattern in my relationship in which I get triggered, and want to blame it all on my partner's imperfections. Then it occurred to me that I am often reacting to old trauma in the present moment, and that now I can choose to respond differently. I have been experimenting with that and I had a heartfelt, vulnerable conversation with my partner about how I am trying to handle my "stuff" and why I act the way I do. There comes a time, when we have done so much healing work on ourselves, that we think there is no more work to be done, but we find ourselves in a new phase of life that offers us the opportunity to uplevel and grow beyond healing from a bad experience, so that we really break the cycle for ourselves and create a new desired reality. I was literally able to say to myself, "I'm so done with the past. I've learned from it and I'm not going to keep letting it affect my present. I want to create a better future for myself by focusing on being my new self in the present moment'. I love how Marianne Williamson says, "we have to think and act our way into a new way of being". Literally that evening I went out with a friend and, from a distance saw someone that was part of this past trauma. I wasn't even triggered! I was able to just send love and well wishes in my mind to the person, and I forgot about it after a couple of days. Except as a reminder that the past is in the past. 2. An old, outdated program recently resurfaced for me. Feelings of scarcity, fear, and panic arose, even though I have really been in a wave of abundance, which I worked hard to create. Interestingly, the other night, over the new moon, after leading a workshop, I attended a virtual gathering for my own enrichment. The host was channeling messages from angels and you never know what is going to come through until we are in the moment. Interestingly, it was all about ancestral and past life healing of scarcity issues, which is exactly something that had been on my spirit work "to-do" list. I couldn't believe it happened so serendipitously and I felt guided through the exact healing that I had been seeking. It really refreshed me. 3. Working out the kinks- when we do deep work at a conscious level, it is important to remember that the energy of our soul & spirit vibrate much faster than our mind and physical body, meaning it takes a little while for all aspects of our being to re-align. Sometimes some residual negativity needs to get released as we move forward. We may have physical or emotional symptoms, for example, I became super crabby and frustrated for a couple of days, but I got over it and now I feel better. So please always allow yourself space for this. I love energy work because it allows us to quickly shift into healing, empowerment, emotional freedom, joy, and abundance. How do you want to feel? My intention is to help you shift out of old realities, and into new ones. To not just get through something, but to thrive.

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