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How to co-create your life with spirit & purpose

One thing that has been theming with me over the last lunar cycle is the concept of detachment, or letting go of control, when trying to reach a goal. I love working with the art and science of manifestation, and Law of Attraction, and in the new age/ spiritual world, we are led to believe that we can create and attract ANYTHING that we desire. However, any good book or course about manifestation will highlight detachment as one of the key steps. Because the thing is, that some things are not meant to be, and we live in a chaotic universe in which we do not have complete control of what occurs outside of us. All we can control is our own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Recently, I was listening to a lecture on A Course in Miracles by Marianne WIlliamson when I was reminded of this principle. She emphasized that sometimes, what we think we want is not what is actually best for us. When we focus our ego mind and our determination on what we think we need, we might actually be blocking something better from coming into our lives. This often happens in the realm of career, or relationships.

I'll share a personal example. In my own career, many years ago, I was struggling with my finances and I felt that my current profession as a real estate broker was the only way to bring money into my life. I was simply having a rough year, after many successful ones, and I had spiraled into fear, panic, and scarcity. So, I focused my will and my goals around sales and income targets, without much sense of purpose. I loved what I did, but I was not motivated by sales awards or volume thresholds. At the same time, I began to write a book and wanted to begin working as a healer, but it took me a while to get seriously focused on that work because I was putting all my energy (and worry) into my real estate business. Finally, I felt so out of alignment that I went to a shaman for a soul retrieval. I spoke to her at length about my life and when I told her I was a real estate broker she almost fell off her chair. She thought for sure that I was a healer because that is how she saw me. Through the beautiful process of soul retrieval, I was realigned with my sense of purpose to share love, light, laughter, and inspiration and I answered the call of my soul to be a healer in some way. I then completed trainings that I had been considering for years that became accessible to me at the perfect time, in the perfect places, in the perfect way. Although I still had a certain amount of resistance and disbelief about what I was doing, I knew I had to move forward. The funny thing is, that as I did that, money started flowing to me in ways besides real estate commissions. At first I was discouraged and skeptical, but as I focused on money miracles, they arrived! During the pandemic I received a generous small business loan that I did not have to pay back. I started receiving large surprise checks in the mail, such as unexpected tax refunds. My partner gave me a sense of support that helped me feel more abundant. I started selling more at work, attracting ideal clients and sales, got a raise and a long-desired bonus, and invested in coaching. (Funny thing is, the coaches encouraged me to work on the healing business as well). I finally opened my healing practice and somehow that act generated more income from various sources, as if the powers that be were pleased with me for answering their call. My point is, that by thinking that one job was the ONLY way that I could receive the money I needed, I completely blocked the flow of other options and created a deeper sense of scarcity. I also thought I couldn't pursue 2 passions at once and held myself back. By merely entertaining the idea that I could attract money into my life through new channels, I began to receive money in new, varied, and surprising ways. I let go of control and surrendered to the possibility of support and miracles, and that is what I received.

When we demand the way in which we get what we want, we block new possibilities, opportunities, and good fortune. It is not our job to worry about nor dictate HOW things will happen!

Some more examples...

I have a friend who had dreamed of being an actress her whole life. She moved to LA, got into the business, did all the things, got some jobs, but wasn't where she wanted to be. At the same time, many aspects of her life were crumbling. But then, she decided to quit acting and find another way to succeed. After working in restaurants for so long, it turned out she was very desirable in restaurant management. With a passion for veganism, she now manages a successful restaurant and has created stability and fulfillment in her life. Another thing people tend to do is focus on a specific person as their romantic ideal. They focus so much on their crush that they miss other potential love interests and then complain about their love life. I am totally guilty of this! What happens when you let go of that person? You meet someone new and amazing soon after! So here's the thing: the universe can dream it better than you. Sometimes, something better than you can imagine is trying to make it's way to you. Call in your higher self, your spirit guides, your higher power, and continuously ask for guidance in creating the perfect day, and focusing on the things you desire. You must still use your thoughts and actions to focus on your goals, dreams, intentions, desires, even finding a parking space. But ask for assistance and pay attention if it is just not happening. Take notice if you are getting nudged in another direction. Have a rough time limit for how long you might focus on something before shifting gears- 6-18 months is fair. If it's not happening, let it go and focus on something else. Don't be afraid to surrender and let go. Sometimes that is when the magic happens:) .

In my last full moon circle, we focused on releasing anything that was in the way of our highest and best outcomes. I love teaching manifestation, meditation, guided visualizations, and providing 1:1 healing sessions to help you uplevel your life!

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