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How to Sleep Better

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

With my primary spirit animal being the bear, I am a pretty solid sleeper, and I love hibernating in the winter. Almost to a fault, because I sometimes oversleep, and most definitely to my cat's disappointment, as he would like to have me up at 5am being my best self and crushing my day. Sometimes, I do that. But other times, I really enjoy sleeping in, because sleep is a luxury that I am grateful for. But, I have experienced periods of insomnia and I know many loved ones and clients who constantly struggle, so I'd like to share some of my best practices for sleep success.

  1. Read a book or magazine before bed. Preferably, in bed. Let me be clear- no screens, only print material. The blue light of screens can disrupt the sleep cycle, so try to avoid them before bedtime. Reading relaxes and tires the eyes, and helps calm the brain. Choose something light (fiction can really take your mind off the events of the day), or contemplative, nothing too serious and avoid the news. I swear by reading before bed- as much as I do it for pleasure, it really helps me nod off quickly.

  2. Take a hot bath with lavender epsom salts. The heat is relaxing, and epsom salts both clear negative energy from your field, as well as soothe sore muscles. Lavender is a great scent to add for inducing sleep.

  3. Take a magnesium supplement before bed, like CALM.

  4. Drink herbal tea or warm golden milk in the evening to help you wind down.

  5. Avoid alcohol - it interferes with the REM cycles once you are asleep, affecting the quality of rest.

  6. Practice yoga nidra for deep relaxation or sleep meditations. Yoga nidra is a practice for deep relaxation that trains your brain to shift into different brain wave states. It has a profoundly healing effect on all levels of your being. And if you didn't get a good sleep last night, 30 minutes of yoga nidra has been proven to be comparable to 3 hours of sleep. While there many free videos available on youtube, I personally endorse the Sanctuary by Rod Stryker app. It has numerous expertly crafted and very effective deep sleep meditations and yoga nidra practices.

  7. Make your bed super cozy! Keep your sheets fresh, make sure your pillow is perfect and that your sheets and blankets will keep you comfortable at the right temperature. Adjust your thermostat down to the high 60's and then burrow into that duvet!

  8. Do some evening yoga - I recommend Yoga With Kassandra on youtube. Bedtime yoga can help regulate the flow of hormones that facilitate sleep.

  9. Really watch your caffeine, sugar and chocolate intake before bed. If you need a snack, eat something with complex carbohydrates.

  10. If you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep, leave the bedroom and go get comfortable somewhere else in your home with a blanket until you are ready to return to sleep. Grab a book and stay off your computer or phone.

  11. Receive some Reiki! We can work specifically on the chakras that the source of your sleeplessness may be rooted in, clearing out old patterns and bringing in new ones.

I hope these suggestions help you! If your sleeplessness is still persistent, please come see me so that we can do some deeper energetic healing. I wish you a peaceful sleep tonight.

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