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October Omens

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Some themes for the month of October 2023: 🌕 Grounding or reset practices: While we always need these, now is a good time to identify your go-to’s. My current favorite are walks, exercise, yoga, movement; meditation and breathing, self-healing work. 🌕 Emotional processing and expression: Cultivation awareness around our feelings, expressing them rather than suppressing them, processing them (by journal, talking to a friend, therapy, being creative, etc) for healthy expression. Balancing the second chakra. 🌕 Breaking free of old patterns or limitations that have haunted us for long periods of our life. Doing this by taking aligned action- even when it challenges us (this is where the magic happens). We have to meet the universe halfway- when we act, it responds. And if it doesn’t, we can consider if we need to course correct. 🌕 Choices that challenge us: I am noticing a trend that we are being called to step up and make choices which are not easy, but will level us up. We have to take the eagle eye view, see the forest through the trees, and walk the bridge that will take us where we need to go, even if it looks rickety:) 🌕 New opportunities: We have a powerful new moon coming up mid-month, as we are approaching a solar eclipse which will super charge the effects of any new intentions, new beginnings, and manifestations. Think about what you would like to attract into your life and be open to miracles!

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