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Power Animals: Bear Energy for Winter Solstice

The Bear has always been my power animal. I first discovered this when I was 17, during a shamanic journey workshop with the intention of meeting my spirit/totem/power animal. This was a thoroughly vivid experience, probably the clearest journey I have ever had - I wish I could find that teacher again! In the years that followed that experience, I met 2-3 bears in the wild, from Wisconsin to Vancouver Island, all friendly, close up encounters, in which I felt no fear, but simply wonder and amazement. I feel such a warm fondness for this beautiful creature.

Power/Totem/Spirit Animals serve as powerful archetypes for our personal growth, healing, and spiritual development. While we have multiple power animals throughout our lifetime, Bear has always been a consistent guide for me. I work with Bear as a gatekeeper spirit guide in my shamanic journeys and he never fails me. Bear represents intuition and introspection- deep internal knowing. All of the answers are accessible inside of us if we look within. Bear resides in the North (of the Medicine Wheel), the place of the void, where we can go within to dream. Bear is a powerful totem animal for winter.

I share this because I am feeling deep Bear energy right now! The Bear in me LOVES to HIBERNATE! Around this time of year, at the turn of the Winter Solstice, I give in to this need, I try to stop fighting the urge to do so much, and just BE. In life, we go through different phases- of doing, being, and having. Sometimes, we need to just BE! This is an energy that allows us to refresh, reflect, restore, dream, and eventually shift into more doing and having. Our society focuses so much on busyness, and while the pandemic has taught us to slow down, we really need to give ourselves a break sometimes. Solitude is okay- do not fear it, try to embrace it. Retreat into your cave to sleep and dream - and pay attention to what those dreams may reveal to you!

Be aware that your limits (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually) may be different now than they were before the pandemic. This means you may have new needs, new boundaries, and a new level of tolerance. Witness if you are just "over" some things that you would have put up with or tried to fix in the past. It's okay. Take care of you. It's time for healing and grounding as we progress into winter. This creates a strong foundation for our next steps in life.

I LOVE working with power animals! I find people feel drawn to different archetypes and animals are magical to work with because they show up for us in real life. Readings and distance work for power animal retrieval are available! Or, just rest and relax like Bear.

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