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What is Ancestral Healing?

Ancestral healing is an approach to clearing inherited family issues, karma, patterns, trauma, and blocks in your life. It is based in shamanic tradition, meaning that the healing practitioner uses a method known as “journeying” to shift their brain waves into a state of consciousness that allows for connecting with the spirit world in order to view ancestral lines, understand the issue, and work with the souls involved to shift the energetic frequencies around the issue.

Because we are all surrounded by spirit guides and ancestors working with us from the quantum realm, we ultimately have a relationship with them, for better or worse. Sometimes, a pattern or illness such as alcoholism is passed down through families via genes as well as modeled behavior and that seems to be the obvious explanation. Other times, the connection is much less obvious. Our ancestors have wishes, known as soul contracts, for us that they believe are well-intentioned, which are based on their life experience or trauma that they wish to protect us from. Before we were born into our current physical body, we consciously chose to be born into our family in order to support our spiritual growth in this lifetime, and we agreed to certain contracts because we knew we would have the opportunity to learn an important life lesson from them.

Here is as an example. I often see this when I am looking at an issue such as codependency in women. Generally the family history reveals that previous generations of women have created a soul contract to protect a daughter, grand-daughter, great-granddaughter, etc., from the type of trauma that they experienced. The problem is, that this soul contract is presently blocking the client from having healthy relationships. With ancestral healing, we are able to essentially go back in time to visit with these souls and renegotiate the contract for a more beneficial, present day pattern. Often, due to the generational differences, the ancestors simply need reassurance that you are safe and have new resources and support that was not available to them during their physical life time. For example, now, we have therapy, self-help books, online courses, more open & honest friendships, financial independence, legal protection, and less stigma around divorce- none of which were available to women in previous generations who may have been labeled as hysterical, disobedient, an old maid, and really had few options for an independent life. When this unique and sacred dialogue occurs, we can re-write the soul contract according to the client’s wishes and needs.

The beauty of this process is that healing occurs for all connected souls in the past, present, and future. Most simply, because when the client shifts their behavior in the present, their life changes, and they are a better model for their family. They break a pattern, and teach their children, siblings, parents, or other close family members a better way. More esoterically, in the spirit world, time is not linear. So on that level of existence, the souls of generations past also receive healing, which can help them evolve in their soul journey and perhaps even move on to a new plane of existence.

Pretty cool, huh? If that sounds really out there to you, I understand, and I don’t encourage anyone to force themselves to embrace anything that doesn’t resonate for them. But if you are tired of feeling stuck and frustrated with something in your life that won’t change, think about how you could experience relief and transformation from an experience like this. It serves a purpose that many years of therapy may not. It can help you better navigate in your family relationships that you find dysfunctional. It can free you of karma (spiritual baggage) that has been holding you back unconsciously. Or, we can also determine if an issue is coming from a past life. Whatever needs to be revealed will be shown to facilitate transformation. It is a beautiful process which brings new clarity and understanding to our life’s challenges.

My favorite way to do this is by working through the 8th chakra as a portal for seeing. It sounds complicated but when I guide my clients, they can see into the experience too. I love working through the 8th chakra with many of my clients as it tends to be tremendously impactful because it is a channel for karma. It’s always really deep and miraculous! Ancestral healing is just one of many approaches that I use in a healing session. It is always a custom blend depending on the client’s needs and desires. You don’t necessarily have to specifically ask for it or book a session for this express purpose as the process is very intuitive, authentic, and organic to the client’s experience. Ancestral healing is just one of the many ways that we can work together to recalibrate your energy field and up-

level your life!

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